Florida Update

Hello parents,
Please share this information with your child or children going on the trip:

Tonight – Luggage and meds turn in – 4:00-6:00pm – optional, but strongly encouraged. Lisa Schmuker and her aids need time to process and prepare the medications, so the more we get tonight the better.

Regarding medications – please bring in only the amount needed for the trip in the original container(s). Place container(s) in a ziploc bag with student’s name on bag. There is also some paperwork to fill out, but there will be extras at school if needed.

Tomorrow (Wednesday),
Student report time 1:30pm, if you need to check in meds or luggage. 1:45 if you turned it in on Tuesday.
Full band rehearsal – 2:00-2:30pm
Color guard – we need to tape flags still. It would be helpful if some of you could be here early to do that.
Review of trip guidelines and rules – 2:30-2:45pm
Medications and luggage must be checked in before the rehearsal. The building will open at noon.

Luggage is subject to being checked by chaperones prior to being loaded on the buses. If anything illegal or in violation of school rules is found, students will be sent home and not allowed on the trip.

Please add umbrellas to the packing list (rain is expected) and don’t forget the red marching band shirt for the band workshop. The packing list is attached in case you misplaced it. Also, about 40 students still have not brought in black socks for the parade. Don’t forget them. Bring them separately and add them to uniform garment bag.

Family members going on the trip should report by 3:00pm. Please load luggage on bus 4 and report to the attendance table that you are here. Do not board the bus until directed.

Students and family members who are leaving cars at school MUST park in the back. Cars cannot be left in front of the building because it will be difficult to plow those lots if snow piles up.

Reminder that students will need money for food to and from Florida. While in Florida all meals are paid for. I would suggest a minimum of $40 for the travel food, plus any money for souvenirs. Also, we need help with the tips for our guides, bus drivers and hotel housekeepers ($10 total per student).

Regarding carry on bags, please don’t bring giant bags. Conserve space. Pillow and/or blanket may be carried separately. Regarding drinks – do not open drinks until we are on the buses. Personal water bottles are OK.

I think that’s it for now.

Looking forward to an great trip and also escaping this weather. We hope to be on the road at 4:00pm sharp if you want to wave goodbye.Trip Packing list – Florida 2019

Author: Mark Grevengoed

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