Disney Departure Update

Yes, the weather is unprecedented and conditions aren’t good. I am sorry for the stress it has caused.

I checked with our travel company and compass coach. If we delay departure of the trip, the trip will be cancelled. The drivers will have to be replaced and there aren’t enough drivers to cover that situation. Tomorrow doesn’t look much better anyway. So, even if delaying was possible, it would not give us a big advantage weather wise.

The owner of Compass Coach drove up from South Bend to the Michigan headquarters in Cedar Springs this morning. He said once past the Michigan border, the roads are clear and it will not be snowing. He said the buses get very good traction and that they will be going as slow as possible until conditions improve. They also changed the route to go East to Lansing or Detroit, then south to get away from the Lake Effect snow. Depending on conditions when we leave, they may stay off I96 until Grand Rapids due to the Coopersville/Marne dangerous area. The owner is confident there won’t be any issues…I realize they can’t guarantee that due to other vehicles on the road, but it is reassuring to a point.

Another factor to consider regarding this is that some families have already flown to Florida, or are flying out today. Some kids may be here without parents if we cancel.

If you feel this situation is too dangerous for your child and your child won’t be coming, I understand. Please let me know. The trip will depart on schedule at 4:00pm.

Author: Mark Grevengoed

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