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This year’s district band festival takes place during the first two weekends of March. We got the final schedule today and play on March 1st at Grand Haven High School. The issue with this is that it conflicts with exams. It’s still a better solution than going the following week to Greenville or Cedar Springs which would take kids out for a long time and really raise our transportation costs.

Mr. West and I discussed how we could make this work and here is what we came up with. 7th grade band members will have to miss 3rd and 4th hour exams on March 1. 8th grade band members will miss 4th hour exam only. The exams that they missed will be made up on Friday, March 2 during their band exam periods. 7th grade band students will start immediately during homeroom and Mr. West and I can administer the exams in the media center. This gives them about 1:40 to complete both exams. 8th grade will take their 4th hour exam on March 2 during the 6th hour exam period and Mr. T will administer that. We won’t give any band exams so they can complete yours – plus band festival is the ultimate exam!

Hopefully that works for all…the exams usually don’t take the whole time but if your child is worried about not having enough time, please have him/her talk to me. We will make this work!


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