Home Football Opener – August 31

August 31, 2023

Arrive at the high school between 5:00-5:45pm to get dressed in marching uniform.  Wear long black socks, shorts and marching band show shirt for underneath the uniform. 

Head to the middle school with instrument after getting in uniform (or load instrument in the correct trailer).

Call time in full uniform is 6:00pm at the middle school by the Central Administration Office.

The band will perform at pregame (around 6:45pm), halftime, and postgame. 
They will have the 3rd quarter off to visit the concession stand. 

We will have water available for band members throughout the game.
Games usually end around 9:15-9:30pm

After the game, return to the high school to turn in uniform. 

– You must park on the street or at Holmes Elementary NOT the MS parking lot.
– There will be NO guests in the band stand area during the game and you must stay in full uniform for the entire game.
– Keep your instrument with you always and stay seated in your section ready to play. Maybe even watch the game and cheer!
– No cell phone usage during the game unless it’s an emergency.
– You have the 3rd quarter off, but must be back in time to play at the end of the third quarter. Keep your eyes on the clock.

Author: Mark Grevengoed

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