Fruitport Football Game 2013


Uniform Room opens at the HS at 5:30pm
Call Time: 6:20pm at the admin building
Step off for Pre-Game from that area at 6:40pm.

– Arrive at the High School, get dressed and proceed to the Middle School while driving with care and caution.
– You will be in full uniform, show shirts underneath, LONG black socks and Drillmasters. Post earrings only, no bracelets.
– Cases and other items go in the MS band room.
– You must park on the street or at Holmes Elementary NOT the MS parking lot. Report at admin building at 6:20pm SHARP.
– There will be NO guests in the stands during the game and you must stay in full uniform for the entire game. That means zipped.
– Keep your instrument with you always and stay seated in your section ready to play. Maybe even watch the game and cheer!
– No cell phone usage during the game unless it’s an emergency.
– You have the 3rd quarter off, but must be back in time to play at the end of the third quarter. Keep your eyes on the clock.

PREGAME: School Song, You’re a Grand Old Flag and National Anthem (with folios)

HALFTIME: Full Show. End with School Song (no folios)

IN THE STANDS: Soulfinger and I want you Back (with folios)



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