Schedule review

5:00pm – 5:45pm – Rehearsal at the high school – may be outside if field is available.
5:45pm – 6:15pm – Time to change, eat and get a ride or drive to the Middle School
6:15pm – Meet in front of the Superintendent’s Office in FULL UNIFORM (and zipped)
March into Stadium – Pregame
7:00pm – Game Begins
1st and 2nd Quarters in the stands in sections and with instruments
Marching and Playing Movements 1 and 2, playing “Promise of LIving” and School Song
3rd Quarter is off – MUST REMAIN IN FULL UNIFORM (and zipped)
Be back in stands with 2 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter
4th Quarter in the stands in sections and with instruments
Post Game – Possibly just playing the Fight Song as people leave if we win. (5 minutes tops)
Return to HS on your own for uniform check in.
Go home!


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