Marching Band Itinerary for September 28

The following email went out today, September 18th. If you did not receive it and would like to, please mail Mr. Truszkowski to get on the list.

The Itinerary is linked below. There will be a hard copy available during class if requested.

As you hopefully are aware, on September 28 the marching band will be attending two marching invitationals – Kenowa Hills in the morning/afternoon and Grand Haven in the evening. Although Spring Lake has never done this, numerous schools in our area perform at least one “doubleheader” every year. The itinerary for both events is attached. Please review the itinerary and be advised that we are sending students home in between the events.

This year’s band is an outstanding group with some of the best players and performers we’ve ever had. Please support the band by attending our invitationals and sitting together if possible. If you have a Santana t-shirt or sweatshirt, please wear it (there is an admission fee at these events). By the way, there are a few extra t-shirts and sweatshirts available – email Mr. Grevengoed for more information.

The band has done a terrific job thus far but many improvements can still be made. We have asked the band members to practice 2-3 times a week and to make sure their music is memorized leading up to these invitationals. If you haven’t seen or heard your child practice recently, please encourage them to do so.

I am only aware of two students with athletic conflicts, so if you think your child has a school-related conflict, please notify me immediately.

Mike Truszkowski
Spring Lake Bands

P.S. Please make sure to send your children with LONG BLACK socks. Ankle socks or dark blue socks do not qualify.

Kenowa-Grand Haven Itinerary 2013

Kenowa Hills Full Competition Schedule
Grand Haven Invitational Master Schedule 2013

Map to Kenowa Hills

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