Thursday Night Football

The call time for the band this Thursday will unfortunately be quite early due to the ribbon cutting ceremony at the renovated Grabinski field.

Here’s the tentative itinerary:

3:45 Uniform room opens at the HS

4:45 Call time in full uniform outside the administration building (Middle school parking lot)

5:00 Ribbon cutting ceremony at the renovated Grabinski field.  The band will play the school song at this event.

5:20-5:40 Break. Students might want to bring something to eat and drink.

5:40-6:20 Rehearsal at the MS practice field

6:40 Line up to enter stadium

9:15-9:30 Approximate football game ending time.  Students will need to go back to the HS to turn in their uniforms


Some things to remember:


Money for the concession stand (3rd quarter)

Please park on the street.

The MS band room is not yet available, so we will not have a spot for instrument cases.  Please keep cases in your car if possible.

After the game, uniforms must be turned in at the high school band room.  Please remember all the uniform turn in procedures and guidelines.


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