Middle School Jazz Band Spring Info

1) Tonight. We play between the 5/6 and 7/8 concerts. They need to be in the commons and set up by 6:45pm so they are ready to go when I come out of the concert.

2) Tomorrow morning…we have the honor of having 3 members of the Truth in Jazz Orchestra coming to our rehearsal. Please make sure they come down to the band room ASAP. We’d like to start as early as possible.

3) Thursday…we are playing at Holmes Elementary for lunch. They will quickly eat at the MS and walk on over and perform.

4) Thursday evening…JAZZ NIGHT!! Make sure you’re selling tickets! Call time is 6:40pm and they are wearing black shirts, black pant and black shoes and socks. Black dresses are fine, also.

5) Thursday, May 22. Fruitport Jazz Festival, Pomona Park. Still haven’t received a time from the Fruitport Lions. I will email it out as soon as I hear. I’m guessing somewhere around 4:30-5:30pm. We play for 30 minutes and then get free passes for carnival food and a ride. No transportation is provided as it is so close. We just wear Spring Lake apparel or colors. It’s casual.

6) Friday, May 30 – FYI – We play at Lloyd’s Bayou Senior Apartments from 1-1:30pm which is during 7th grade band class. 8th graders are excused for that also.

Thanks for going the extra mile and letting your child participate in jazz band. They’ve grown a LOT as musicians in a short time and you’ll love hearing them this evening and throughout the month!


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